Are You Brushing Wrong?

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Brushing your teeth is a simple, yet extremely important, part of your daily routine. But how do you know if you are brushing correctly?

Our patients often ask us about the best brushing techniques and habits, so we thought we’d put together a few, simple tips to help your smile, prevent gingivitis, and maintain good oral health.

How often should I brush?

  1. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste.
  2. You should floss once a day to prevent plaque buildup between the teeth.

What is the best way to brush?

  1. Use a soft brush with rounded bristles.
  2. Make sure the brush is small enough to reach all the way to your back teeth. A bigger brush is not better.
  3. Brush at a 45 degree angle to your teeth, starting where your gums and teeth meet.
  4. Brush using gentle circles. Don’t scrub.
  5. Clean every part of every tooth. The inside, the cheek side, and the top.
  6. Don’t rush. In order to clean every part of every tooth, you need to take your time. The brushing process should take approximately three minutes.
  7. Brush your tongue too! The tongue is often overlooked when brushing your teeth, but it holds a lot of bacteria and is important to brush.

At Harmony Dental, we recommend using an electric toothbrush. Some models have a water pick, and that can also be of assistance alongside your flossing routine.

We also recommend using smaller sized, electric toothbrushes for children. There are a variety of brushes available; some are quite fun, play songs, and vibrate to encourage the child to move around the various sections of their mouths to ensure proper cleaning.

Whether your brush is manual or electronic, the Canadian Dental Association recommends that you replace your toothbrush every three months.  

Brushing your teeth is not a complicated task but, if ignored, it can come back to bite you! For more information about keeping your teeth healthy and clean, contact Harmony Dental.

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