Harmony Dental Care Offers Tooth Extraction Near You

Losing a tooth is never a good experience, but sometimes it is the only option we have, to keep the integrity of our overall dental health. Harmony Dental Care offers tooth extraction in Waterloo, ON N2J 3A6 for a couple of reasons. These reasons include when a patient has a broken tooth that cannot be filled or crowned, a decayed tooth, or a problem that has caused extensive damage that can no longer be repaired. The process entails the removal of teeth from the sockets in the jawbone. It can be simple or surgical, depending on the tooth.

tooth extractions in waterloo

Simple and Surgical Tooth Extraction Near You

A simple extraction is performed without creating invasive cuts or using complicated techniques.when a tooth is broken or decayed and there is not enough tooth above the gum line, or it may be too fragile to remove, it may need additional surgical steps like cutting the gum, removing the bone, sectioning the tooth, and suturing for safe and complete removal of the tooth. This is called complicated or surgical extraction. There are many determining factors when your dentist is deciding between a simple or surgical extraction. Some of these factors include the position, shape, and size of your tooth. Contact our dental clinic to find out more about simple or surgical tooth extractions in Waterloo, ON N2J 3A6.

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

You will not know if you need an extraction until you visit your dentist. Extractions are often indicated when a tooth was damaged beyond repair by extensive decay or a fracture; baby teeth are present that impede on the growth of adult teeth or to make room for teeth alignment procedures. Tooth extraction is also performed when impacted teeth are causing pain or damage to adjacent teeth. Tooth extraction near you is offered at Harmony Dental Care. Schedule your consultation today!

As much as dentists want to save and preserve teeth, there will be times when a tooth extraction in Waterloo, ON N2J 3A6 is necessary to save all the other teeth in your mouth. It is always best to lean on prevention. Practice good oral habits to ensure you do not reach a point where your only option would be to remove a tooth. Visit a dentist today to be advised and educated on the ways to improve and maintain your dental health status.