What Is Tooth Restoration?

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Teeth need regular care and attention to stay healthy. Sometimes, despite visiting your dentist, flossing, and brushing, tooth damage may still occur. If this happens to you, never fear. There are many options available that will allow your dentist to restore, or replace, damaged or missing teeth.

At Harmony Dental we offer many tooth restoration techniques and procedures including:


Fillings help restore normal function to teeth damaged by bacterial infection. After the decayed tooth material is removed, the affected area is cleaned and filled to prevent further damage to the tooth. At Harmony Dental, we use white, porcelain fillings (no silver and mercury-based amalgams) when filling a tooth. We can also use a porcelain or gold inlay for back teeth for longer durability.


Crowns are custom-created to fit over an existing, damaged tooth to seal and protect it. Crowns are often used following a root canal procedure. At Harmony Dental, we use white, porcelain (no Chicklets-style, fake-looking teeth). Our crowns are made from the highest quality materials and will look completely natural.


Inlays are used when teeth require more than a filling, but less than a crown. Typically, by using an inlay, more of the original tooth can be preserved compared to a crown. An inlay is placed between the points of a tooth, while an onlay is placed over one or more of the points.

Dental Implants

When a tooth is missing entirely, a dental implant is used. There are two parts to a dental implant – the implant and the replacement tooth. Using the latest technology, these implants will look and function as a regular tooth if cared for properly.  

Bonding & Veneers

Bonding and Veneers improve the look of healthy teeth by masking gaps, stains, or chips. In bonding, a composite resin can be shaped to look like the missing part of a chipped tooth, or used to restore a broken tooth to its proper size. Bonding is generally used for minor repairs over a smaller area. Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain, or composite resin, that are applied to the entire front surface of the tooth.

If your teeth are damaged, or you want to learn more about tooth restoration options, give Harmony Dental a call. We can help you smile with confidence!


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