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My Child Has a Toothache… What Do I Do?

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my child has a toothache what do i do

A toothache can occur for many reasons, but as adults, we generally can identify the problem and find a solution. Conversely, children who experience toothaches typically see them as continuous, throbbing pain and require relief. A toothache takes place when there is erosion or decay that penetrates the pulp chamber; this is the soft tissue of the tooth and is comprised of nerves and blood vessels—which are highly sensitive. Diet is one of the most common causes of toothache. A toothache may arise when a patient consumes excessive beverages or foods with high sugar content. Pop, sports drinks, candy, chocolate, and dessert are just a few examples. As a parent or guardian, your child must eat a balanced diet, which is key to good oral and overall health.

Short-Term Solutions

Combine plain warm water and a teaspoon of table salt when your child has a toothache. You will want to ask your child to rinse their mouth with salt water whenever they experience pain, as this relieves the tenderness. Additionally, placing a cold pack against the cheek will reduce painful twinges. With that said, if over-the-counter pain relievers are infectious and the ache has not subsided in 24-36 hours, it is important to schedule an appointment with our Waterloo dental clinic.

Addressing the Issue

Sadly, temporary remedies will only serve as a band-aid. A visit to our dental clinic near you will be required. Another common culprit behind toothaches is cracked or chipped teeth. If your child’s tooth is cracked or chipped, a dental crown or filling may be necessary, especially if the tooth is permanent (adult). Our dentist in Waterloo should be able to provide this form of treatment. If our dentist has established that an emergency tooth is pushing against an existing tooth, the teeth may need to be extracted.

Contingent Upon the Extent Of the Pain, a Toothache May be a Symptom Of the Following:

  • Eruption of teeth
  • Cracked/chipped teeth or enamel
  • Loose or missing fillings
  • Erosion or decay
  • Food that is lodged between the teeth and has grown more painful

If your child is refusing to brush their teeth, this may also indicate that they are experiencing a toothache. In this case, you should not hesitate to schedule your child’s appointment at our Waterloo dental clinic. Our kids dentist near you will be more than happy to assist you and your child. Remember, the sooner a dental issue is addressed, the easier it will be treated. Also, treating the problem early will require less extensive and expensive treatment in the future.

Offer Support

You must be as careful and nurturing as possible. Your child needs your support and guidance, and there is no exception when they experience a toothache. If you have ever had a toothache, you would know how painful this can be, especially for a child.

Scheduling an Appointment

When your child’s toothache develops into something more serious, don’t hesitate to visit our Waterloo dental office. Note, if it is your child’s first visit to our dentist and they seem apprehensive about dental care, take the time to explain the importance of it. After all, it is human nature to fear the unknown, but once you have set realistic expectations for your child and provided more information about seeking dental care, they should be more willing to visit. Contact our dental office in Waterloo to learn more about different dental services.