How Many Teeth Can You Put On One Implant?

How Many Teeth Can You Put On One Implant?

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how many teeth can you put on one implant

Getting dental implant treatment to replace a severely damaged or missing tooth with an artificial tooth that closely resembles a genuine one In many instances, the tooth’s root was unable to support the tooth, which is why, with these implants, a titanium screw is inserted in place of the natural root. Many dental clinics provide the material since it is very simple for our bodies to integrate and because it has a long lifespan.

However, given that some of them have multiple missing or damaged teeth, a common question from our patients is if and how many dental implants can be put in one day. 

Can Several Implants be Placed in a Single Day?

The dental implant treatment can be completed in a single day because of the advancement and evolution of dentistry. Before, it was not possible to insert a crown that resembled a natural tooth since you had to wait months for the implant to fuse with the bone.

Now, especially in anterior teeth, you can have our tooth already restored when we leave the implant placement procedure thanks to fast loading and the implantation of a provisional crown. After addressing this concern, we will now discuss the number of dental full mouth implants that can be placed in a single day.

All On 4: Learning More

How many dental implants can be put in one day depends on All-on-4. With the use of this ground-breaking method, a full set of teeth can be restored by implanting four consecutive teeth in a single procedure. A fixed prosthesis or an overdenture can be supported with remarkable stability thanks to All-on-4.

The procedure we use to implant these implants is as follows:

  • To determine the width and height of the teeth that need to be replaced as well as the feasibility of the four implants, we take an x-ray of the jawbone.
  • To puncture the bone and insert the titanium screws that will serve as the new root, we use local anesthesia. It takes between two and six months for osseointegration, or the union of the bone with the implant material, to take place.
  • Your dentist will set the abutments and then the crowns on top of that.

These dental implants have certain unique placement characteristics, such as the ability to take fixed prostheses home the same day of the procedure and exchange them for final prostheses after osseointegration has occurred. Since the patient can chew and speak normally right away, this is quite helpful.

Effectively, All-on-4 implants can be inserted in a single day. Conscious sedation is occasionally necessary for getting a tooth implant. The removal of all teeth is a very less invasive solution.

Advice for Maintaining Your Implants

Knowing how many dental implants can be put in during a single appointment can help you care for them properly so that they last a lifetime. To avoid the emergence of issues with your implants, you should visit our dentist in Waterloo for annual maintenance. Plus, you will also have to look after your implants at home. You must also take good care of them by brushing your teeth thoroughly after each meal and using a mouth irrigator to flush away food particles that collect under the prosthesis.

Get in Touch with Our Neighborhood Dental Clinic

Your implants’ lifespan, which typically lasts between 15 and 25 years, will be extended by this proper maintenance. Request an appointment with Harmony Dental Care if you would like more information about how many dental implants can be placed in a day or about the offerings of our Malaga dental office.