6 Best Ways to Prevent Cavities in Children

6 Ways to Prevent Cavities in Children

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6 ways to prevent cavities in children

We can develop cavities, so establishing good oral health habits when we’re young can help us prevent them more effectively as we grow up.

Another name for cavities is dental caries. Those a few different things can cause them to form; consuming too much sugar and infrequent brushing are two of the biggest culprits. When debris from foods high in sugar and starches is left on our teeth, they react with the acid, bacteria, and saliva in your mouth to become plaque. These holes become different places for more debris to gather, leading to more issues. This sticky substance can damage our teeth’ structure, damaging our enamel.

Children are more likely to develop cavities than adults because they still learn to care for their teeth and gums properly. Fortunately, there are great strategies that you as a parent can adopt to help prevent cavities in your children’s smiles. And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our dentist in Waterloo.

Tips and Tricks

Outlined below are some great strategies that can help you aid your child with their dental health:

1. Brushing every day

Your kiddo should brush their teeth at least twice daily, although brushing after every meal is ideal. Using toothpaste containing fluoride – a naturally occurring substance that helps fight cavities –is also great. Why not buy your child a fun-coloured toothbrush to make this process more fun? Brushing with them also sets a good example.

2. Flossing

Just like regular brushing, children should also be flossing their teeth. In most cases, food particles and bacteria gather in the spaces between our teeth and at the back of our mouths, which can be hard to address with a toothbrush. Kids should be flossing at least once a day.

3. A well-balanced diet

A diet rich in fruits, veggies, dairy, and whole grains is a huge contributor to a healthy mind and body – and, yes, this includes your smile. The vitals and nutrients in healthy foods reinforce the strength of your bones and muscles and prevent your teeth from easily breaking. They can also help scrub bacteria from, and whiten, your smile. Of course, eating sweets now and then is perfectly okay, but it shouldn’t become a routine.

4. Consider dental sealants

Dental sealants are considered a form of preventative dentistry, and though this treatment is most often recommended to children, anyone can receive it. Thin plastic coverings are applied to the chewing surfaces of a patient’s teeth, blocking bacteria and plaque from amalgamating. This is particularly effective if the sealants are applied to one’s molars.

Talk to our dentist near you to learn more about dental sealants. They’ll invite you and your child to come for a consultation to assess their smiles and determine if this is viable.

5. Why not try Xylitol?

Xylitol is another naturally occurring substance (derived from plants) that can help protect a child’s teeth from cavities. It stops harmful bacteria from lingering on your smile because the bacteria can’t break it down like sugars and starches.

6. Book a dental exam in Waterloo

Even though we may feel annoyed by the constant reminders, there is a reason that our dentists are always advising their patients to come in for a routine dental checkup and cleaning: because it helps preserve your smile! Through x-rays and an assessment of your oral cavity, our dentist can understand where your health currently stands and identify anything that’s out of the ordinary. Furthermore, cleanings freshen up your breath and illuminate the aesthetic of your smile!

At Harmony Dental Care, We’re Here for You!

Are you looking for more information or advice as to how you can help your children take care of their teeth and gums? Are you interested in booking an appointment for sealants or teeth cleaning near you? No problem! Our staff anticipates your call and is excited to collaborate with you and your family to achieve all your dental goals.

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